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Help with loggingon to MyPulse

Welcome to MyPulse

In this section you will find the steps necessary to log on to MyPulse and access its resources and services. If you would like print this page at any point, right click on your mouse and then press print.

Whether you are a volunteer, career frontline or career non-frontline Emergency Services worker at DPFEM or AT, there is a tailored version of the MyPulse website specifically for you. In total there are 13 different versions of MyPulse and the version you will see when you log on is determined by your departmental email address which you need to use to log on with.

If you have forgotten your departmental email address and/or would like to request a password reset please contact your relevant IT Help Desk first:

  • DoH (Ambulance Tasmania) IT Helpdesk 1300 655 564
  • DPFEM (SES, TFS & Police) Helpdesk 6173-2466

Note: TFS volunteers, you will need to use your departmental email address when logging on to MyPulse e.g. If you need help with your email address or password either contact your Regional Administration Office or email

For family members, friends or supporters of Emergency Services workers, the ‘Families’ version of MyPulse is for you and does not require authentication to log on. Follow this link to take you to the specific version of MyPulse designed for you.

Steps to log on to MyPulse for DPFEM and AT personnel

  1. From the MyPulse landing page (click here) select the relevant tile that best describes you.

    enter image description here

  1. Once you have selected the DPFEM or AT tile (shown above) a Microsoft pop up box may appear asking you to “Pick an account”. This is a Microsoft feature that allows you to use multiple accounts and select the one you want to proceed with. To access MyPulse you will need to select your departmental email address if it appears in the list or click ‘Use another account' and enter it manually.

    enter image description here

  1. Enter your departmental password if prompted and then press ‘Sign in’. This should now take you through to the MyPulse homepage specific to your role and you are now logged on.

Note: If you have never used your departmental email address before, after step 3 above you may be asked some basic questions in order to complete your DPFEM or AT profile before proceeding. Complete the required fields and submit to proceed. If required, then navigate back to to proceed.

Why do I need to log on?

By logging on, this will enable you to see tailored resources and services specific to your role.

Do I need to log on via Connexus?

No, you can log on to MyPulse using any computer or mobile device, it does not need to be a work computer and you do not need to go through Connexus – simply open any web browser and go to

Why can’t I use my personal email address to log in?

To enable the correct version of MyPulse to be displayed your departmental email address is required to perform the necessary authentication and authorisation to display the correct version of MyPulse.

How is MyPulse confidential if I need to log in?

MyPulse is a private and confidential service, your browsing history and any personally identifiable data collected in order to perform any MyPulse service will never be shared outside of the MyPulse Program without your consent (unless you are at risk of self-harm or harm to others). You can read Gallagher Bassett and Rehab Management’s privacy statements below:

Rehab Management’s privacy statement

Gallagher Bassett’s privacy statement

The Aboriginal Flag

We respectfully acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land upon which we work and pay our respect to Elders past and present. We recognise the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the continuing custodians of the rich cultural heritage of lutruwita / Tasmania.

Gallagher Bassett - Guide. Guard. Go Beyond.

An Initiative of the Tasmanian Government

An Initiative of the Tasmanian Government