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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPulse?

MyPulse is a proactive and preventative initiative designed by Ambulance Tasmania and the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management in conjunction with Gallagher Basset that is focused on improving the health and wellbeing of Tasmania’s emergency services workforce.

What does it offer me?

  • Online educational modules, information and resources to help understand, improve and maintain physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Face-to-face educational sessions aimed at increasing physical and mental health and wellbeing literacy
  • Face-to-face health clinic consultations measuring your individual physical health indicators
  • Face-to-face lung function tests (Firefighters only)
  • Online health screens including a Physical Health Screen, Mental Health Screen and Cancer Screen (Firefighters only) with follow up personalised coaching support for eligible employees
  • Families and friends of emergency services employees and volunteers can also access a publicly available version of MyPulse for information and resources that help them support the health and wellbeing emergency service workers.

Where do I go to access the MyPulse program?

You can start your MyPulse journey at

Why would I use MyPulse?

MyPulse is a set of services to support your wellbeing journey, designed to encourage and empower you to ‘check-in’ on your health and wellbeing. MyPulse helps you understand health and wellbeing as it relates to the emergency services community and you as an individual. The various options offered within MyPulse support you to make positive changes now and in to the future.

How often should I visit MyPulse?

As often as you like! MyPulse provides a range of articles, resources and links to help support your overall health and wellbeing and content is refreshed regularly to reflect the ever-evolving needs of our people.

Does MyPulse replace other health and wellbeing services offered through AT or DPFEM?

No. MyPulse is an integrated set of health and wellbeing services that complements existing initiatives and services available through AT and DPFEM.

Where does this fit within AT and DPFEM's present health and wellbeing services?

MyPulse is designed to complement the existing health and wellbeing services for both AT and DPFEM. Whilst MyPulse operates independently and is a confidential service, the implementation has been designed so that there is the ability to co-ordinate support for a member between the external service and workplace support services, but only in the event that a member gives their permission for the external service to engage with their respective agency.

Is MyPulse designed as a crisis support service?

No. The MyPulse program is intended as a proactive and preventative program.

If you need immediate help, please visit the ‘Get Help Now’ option on the MyPulse hub.

MyPulse Health and Wellbeing Screens and Coaching Support

What are the online health screens?

Through MyPulse, eligible individuals can access up to three online health screens, which are completed via the MyPulse online hub and a questionnaire. The three types of screens include:

  • Physical Health and Wellbeing Screen
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Screen
  • Cancer Risk Assessment (exclusively for TFS volunteers and career employees)

While MyPulse can be accessed frequently for general health and wellbeing services, eligible employees will be able to access the health coaching program once every two years.

What happens after I complete the online health screens?

After completing the online Physical or Mental Health and Wellbeing Screens your results will be automatically analysed by our purpose-built system to present you with a red, amber or green result. This traffic light system indicates the need to make some changes to this facet of your health and wellbeing.

If your Health and Wellbeing Screening leads to a red or amber result, your Screening will be reviewed by an appropriately qualified coach. The coach can discuss the result with you and offer you personalised health coaching to assist you to make positive changes to your health and wellbeing, now and in to the future.

Who are the coaches?

The coaching professionals are provided by Rehab Management, a national workplace rehabilitation provider who have been selected by Gallagher Basset for their expertise in the health and wellbeing field.

The coaches are made up of a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals who are focused on holistic health and wellbeing through providing personalised coaching and support. Our team has diverse qualifications and accreditation in exercise physiology, occupational therapy, psychology and counselling paired with extensive experience in a range of workplace health solutions. You will be matched to an appropriately qualified coach based on what has led to your red or amber score.

Does it cost me anything?

No, the service that is provided is free of charge and members are not required to make any payment to either access the website, undertake any of the screenings for which they are eligible or to access coaching services that may be offered.

In the event members, who engage in coaching are encouraged to engage with external providers, or decide to engage with a health care provider or specialist, then the employer will not meet those costs.

Where does the coaching take place?

Where practicable coaching sessions are carried out in person between coach and participant. Rehab Management has office spaces in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport and with the ability to utilise other meeting options across the State.

Sessions are also available online and by telephone where face to face participation is not practical.

Can I participate in coaching sessions during work time?

No. Participation in coaching sessions is expected to be in an individual’s personal time. This may include flex, TOIL or leave as negotiated by an individual with a manager.

Will MyPulse provide me with a diagnosis or treatment?

MyPulse and its services are not designed to diagnose or replace treatment by a health professional, rather is intended to support individuals and their families with options, solutions and resources guiding them towards better health and wellbeing.

Will I receive treatment from my coach?

No, coaches are not designed or intended to be treaters. MyPulse is not a diagnostic tool. The coaches are designed to provide a level of support and advice to members in a co-ordinated way that recognises the results of the screenings.

MyPulse Health Clinics, Education Sessions and Online Educational Modules

How do I access the face-to-face health clinics, education sessions and online modules?

You can access MyPulse face-to-face services via the hub at From here, you can view education sessions available in your area and make a booking. You can also book a health clinic consultation and view virtual learning education modules.

Is MyPulse just an online hub?

No, MyPulse is more than just an online hub. It is a holistic program that provides a specifically tailored set of services and resources to empower emergency services employees and their families to improve and maintain their physical and mental health and wellbeing now and into the future.

Should I be worried that my information will be shared?

All MyPulse information and data is strictly confidential and will not be shared with your employer or the public, unless you give us your consent to do so. For more information about the privacy of your information go to

In the case that you take a Health and Wellbeing Screening and are in contact with a coach, like all health professionals, your coach has a duty of care to you. Your confidentiality will only be breached if at any time your MyPulse Coach feels that there is an imminent and real threat to you or any other person or they are required to do so by law. For more information about the privacy of your information go to

How is my information treated?

The information that is disclosed to the external wellbeing provider is confidential, it cannot be disclosed to the employer without your consent.

AT and DPFEM will be provided de-identified data from Gallagher Bassett, but this will only relate to overall trends and patterns that can help direct appropriate attention to help shape policy and support in the areas required. For example- aggregate de-identified data may reveal issues associated with fatigue or particular patterns of physical injuries.

Our Providers

Is MyPulse unique to Tasmania?

AT and DPFEM is leading the way with the launch of a purpose-built proactive health and wellbeing program, designed to educate, support and empower Tasmanian emergency services employees.

Why was Gallagher Bassett chosen to deliver this program?

Gallagher Bassett is a trusted partner to emergency service organisations around Australia and we’re thrilled to be expanding this through our new partnership with the Tasmanian Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management and Ambulance Tasmania.

Will Gallagher Bassett be based locally in Tasmania to deliver the MyPulse program?

Gallagher Bassett employs Tasmanians as part of the team that are delivering this service.

Who Is Gallagher Bassett?

Gallagher Bassett provides a unique suite of consulting and technical services to clients around the world. Gallagher Bassett has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney in Australia; Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, New Zealand; and a global team of more than 6,000 professionals.

Who is Rehab Management?

Established in 1998, Rehab Management is an award-winning, nationally accredited and industry-leading workplace rehabilitation and corporate health services provider. As health, wellness and injury/illness prevention specialists, they use innovative solutions and support to prevent, identify and manage physical and psychological wellbeing. Over the years, they have helped thousands of Australians improve their lives through genuine understanding and respect.

The Aboriginal Flag

We respectfully acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land upon which we work and pay our respect to Elders past and present. We recognise the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the continuing custodians of the rich cultural heritage of lutruwita / Tasmania.

Gallagher Bassett - Guide. Guard. Go Beyond.

An Initiative of the Tasmanian Government

An Initiative of the Tasmanian Government